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All these posters have original photography or graphics generated from original photography and manipulated clip art/wingdings

2017 JazzFest Program

2017 ACDA Conference Program

2018 SEAMUS Conference Program –
Interactive PDF

Re-brand Salem Classic Fencing

You can see from the original graphic standards to the final presentation poster that I presented for my masters internship that the name of the organization shifted from my recommendation of Salem Competitive Fencing to Salem Fencing Club. The board felt that Salem Competitive Fencing was too presumptuous and might alienate recreational fencers.  The rest of the re-brand held, and so I included the original graphic standards here to show the evolution of the re-branding. The look of the final graphic standards is exactly the same, just with the updated name. Also, to be frank, at some point the updated graphic standards file that was supplied to SFC was lost when transferring to a new computer. You can see how the brand is currently being applied 3 years later on the club’s website.

Choirs of America

I was brought on last year to create a few one-off jobs for Choirs of America. In the process of creating a t-shirt and banners for their organization the creative director and I have discussed the need for a cohesive brand. The two posters shown here are reflective of the turn of the last century retro feel they are wanting to move toward, while the logo seen on these posters and the look of their current website are more reflective of the corporate style they are wanting to move away from. It is my hope that in the coming years I will be able to create an entire new brand and graphic standards book for them that melds together the modern and old-school feel they are trying to achieve.

Retractable Banner    3 Sheet Poster for Carnegie Hall